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Navigating workplace complaints and investigations can be daunting for everyone involved. These situations can be complex and emotionally charged, requiring a thorough understanding of employment law and human resources best practices. This directory provides information on industry-recommended professionals available for workplace complaints, investigations, and other support that may be needed. Lawyers, HR consultants, and investigators have specialized knowledge and experience in dealing with these issues.

Benefits of External Support

External support can provide valuable insight into best practices, legal requirements, and potential risks. They are likely to have an unbiased perspective on the situation, which is important when dealing with complex or sensitive issues and conflicts of interest. Seeking external support demonstrates that complaints and investigations are being taken seriously. This can build trust and accountability within the company. Seeking support can confirm the company is meeting its legal obligations and mitigating legal risks; it is an efficient process for navigating these issues, saving time and resources for the company.

Determining if External Support is Needed

Consider the nature and severity of the complaint. If the complaint involves serious allegations, such as harassment and discrimination, consulting external support with expertise in these areas may be necessary. If the complaint is minor, internal resources may be sufficient. Consider the size and resources of your company. If your company is small and doesn’t have a dedicated HR staff member, it may be helpful to consult an external professional to handle these situations. If you have HR staff within your company, chances are high that they can address these issues. Suppose conflict of interest is an issue. It may be helpful to bring in an external professional for objectivity and impartiality when navigating these situations.


This list contains professionals that folks from the industry have used. They come recommended. Like the other directories on the Cache, this list will grow and expand as we gather more information.

Forte Law

Clear HR Consulting

Northern Society For Domestic Peace

We want to see this list grow to be as helpful as possible, please consider sharing tried and true resources, or providing feedback if you have additions to this list. Thank you!


Off the Block Directories: Professionals That Can Support With Complaints and Investigations

Consulting external support when navigating workplace complaints and investigations can be very beneficial.

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