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The Cache


The Cache will operate as an online space—working to address industry knowledge gaps, develop the grassroots health and safety culture, and transmit shared experience and information through an engaging and collaborative online platform.

Encourages the grassroots health and safety culture;


Transmits shared experience and information through an engaging and collaborative online platform;

Is community generated, seeking to inspire participation and reflection from the community;

Provides an opportunity for folks to bring up issues or concerns;

Encourages and showcases voices from systemically marginalized communities; 

Celebrates, shares, and platforms art generated by the community; 

Collaborates across companies, governing bodies, and the forestry industry at large; 

Aims to build trust, relationships, and community.

There is a desire for relevant peer-reviewed health and safety information in the Silviculture Industry—along with best practices, insights  and shared knowledge.


Interest in topics such as wellness, harm reduction, sexual violence, and professional growth has grown among workers and leaders across the industry. Accurate information on these topics can be difficult to find. Navigating legislation, community websites, or online forums can often require significant effort. In some cases, the information can be inaccurate or subjective.


Making information actively engaging and readily available can encourage our community to learn, grow, and implement new initiatives within their organization. The goal is to create a two-way channel of communication and address industry issues while also facilitating a safe online presence for constructive dialogue and community collaboration. 


While we have big dreams for what the Cache can evolve into, we are focusing on building a strong foundation first.

  • What is the purpose of this project?
    The goal of The Cache is to transmit shared experience, information, and knowledge through an engaging and collaborative online platform. A big dream for The Cache is that it will encourage folks from all parts of the industry to voice their concerns. We want The Cache to be a place where people can provide input, share their thoughts, and learn from one another.
  • Who is leading this?
    A sub-committee from the BC Safe Forestry Program's Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC). The SAC is made up of representation from the BC Forest Safety Council, WorkSafe BC, the WFCA Executive Director (John Betts), the Forest Safety Advocate (Jordan Tesluk), and mostly contractor representatives. There are periodic worker representatives too (they are very welcome), but there hasn’t been a permanent member for a while. There would likely be more worker representation if there was an ability to compensate members, but it is a volunteer committee as it stands now. The SAC gathers with the purpose of solving industry health and safety issues; they are contributing their perspectives from roles and experience in health and safety. In a competitive industry, the SAC seeks to collaborate around health, safety, and wellness, then share that knowledge widely. This project came to fruition a few years back when discussions emerged within the SAC about communication strategies. A sub-committee was created to carry the project forward and in December 2022 the decision was made to hire Meg Webster as a Project Manager. Meg has been in the industry since 2014. She is currently managing the project as well as sourcing and creating content for the site.
  • Who is funding this?
    The BC Safe Forestry Program's Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC).
  • How can I contribute to The Cache?
    There are lots of ways! 1. You can create content for the site that will go to our reviewing team. 2. We are looking for good-quality photos and other media to start creating a mixed-media library for website landing pages and content pieces. If you have photos, videos, or other types of media you want to share with the Cache please reach out to us via email or by submitting them through the site. 3. Spread the word! Do you know someone who would be interested in The Cache, you can send it their way. A few people have asked if contributors will be compensated. Compensation and what to compensate is definitely something on our minds as the site develops. It’s important to be transparent about what contributing looks like so we will make it clear to anyone interested that at this time it is on a voluntary basis. Reasons to submit content: 1. Share your voice with an interested audience 2. The potential for your ideas to lead to industry change vs only posting on social media 3. The opportunity to link the community back to your work
  • What about all the forum groups out there already, is this trying to replace that?
    While there is a lot of community and culture living and breathing in forum groups like reddit, replant, and facebook, often the information is subjective and anecdotal. Which from a safety perspective can be tricky. Any editorial or document that gets published for The Cache will go through an editing process to ensure that the information being shared is accurate. Another gap that The Cache seeks to fill is to have the content pieces organized and structured in a way that makes finding information very easy. Sifting through forum based platforms can be daunting and make it difficult to find the exact information one is looking for, and again, with many differing and subjective opinions. The Cache is going to be a blend of tangible information around health & safety, professional growth, legislation, and the more day-to-day operational pieces mixed with the most wonderful parts of the industry’s culture; the photos, the art, the stories, the life lessons, the dogs, etc. It’s going to fill the space in between the government sites that have all the facts / information and the forums that have the authentic voices. The Cache is not trying to replace reddit or other forum groups, these groups play an important role in the industry.
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