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I’ve seen block bags come in many different shapes and sizes. From duffel bags, briefcases, and tote bags, to dry bags, school backpacks, plastic bags, and those old-school metal lunch kits. The possibilities are endless depending on one's preference for convenience, durability, or swagger. In addition to the plethora of bags I’ve seen on the block over the years, contents within these bags have also varied.

On the spectrum of subjectively useless, to thank god I packed this, I’ve seen quite a range of decision making outcomes.


Here are some block bag essentials I would recommend based on my experience.


Mini First Aid Kit

Rain Gear

Food and Water

Duct Tape

Bug Spray

Wool Socks in a Ziploc Bag

Baby Wipes

These were the essentials I learned to bring over an eight-year planting career. Everyone’s block bag is different and unique, like them! While there are some things to keep in mind regarding safety, it is up to you to decide what you bring out there. When I started planting, I looked to the people around me to inform how I should behave, including what I should pack in my block bag. While this is a normal part of being new at something, eventually, I learned it was more important to bring what made me feel comfortable versus what others were bringing. Happy packing!

Ps. The chances are high that your block bag essentials look different than mine; if you feel inclined to share, consider submitting your own block bag essentials piece about it! It could be cool to get a series going.

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Kate Thom
Kate Thom
Mar 13, 2023

Love this! 😀


Block Bag Essentials

The spectrum of block bag contents ranges from potentially useless to thank god I packed this and everything in between.

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