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Ideally, every pet owner should have three first aid kits: one for home or camp, one for the car, and a third to take wherever you go.

Pet first aid kits include special items not normally found in kits intended for human injuries. Pet first aid kits ensure pet owners have what they need in any situation and don’t need to use workplace first aid kits intended for humans.

The ultimate wilderness pet first aid kit! A must-have for any adventurous pet owner who prioritizes their animal's safety and their own. They are used by working dog handlers, sled dog mushers and search and rescue (SAR) dog teams.

Cost: $250

Contents Include



Responder Safety

Bandaging + Bleeding Control

Cleaning Solutions



Contact to personalize the contents of your first aid kit.

Knowing when to act, what action to take and when to seek a veterinarian's professional assistance will be one of the most important decisions an owner may have to take. Planning ahead, bringing the necessary supplies, and knowing how to use them may save your pet's life during an emergency.


An Essential Tool for All Pet Owners: Pet First Aid Kits

Your pet first aid kit is a lifeline in a pet emergency.

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