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Jordan Tesluk


Jordan Tesluk conducts health and safety audits under the BC SAFE Companies Program and Alberta Partners in Injury Reduction. As Safety Advocate, he meets with employers to assist them adapting health and safety resources to improve their workplaces, and serves as a liaison among regulatory agencies, workers, and employers.


Jordan Tesluk

Jordan started his career in foresty in 1992 when he set out tree planting in Northern BC. He worked as a tree planter and first aid coordinator while attending university, with his Masters research focusing on health and safety regulation in silviculture. During this time, he sat on various industry committees and presented on various health and safety topics at annual WFCA conferences. In 2007, Jordan joined the BC SAFE Companies Program as an external safety auditor, and expanded his work into other areas of industry, including harvesting, foresty and industrial consulting, marine and aviation operations related to forestry, and agriculture.

In 2018, Jordan began his work as the Forestry Safety Advocate with the goal of sharing resources from the SAFE Forestry Program more widely amon employers in Westtern Canada. This work took on a more centralized communication and coordination role during the COVID-19 pandemic to develop safe operating guidelins and secure access to services.

Forestry Safety Advocate


Vancouver Island

Current Location

Squamish, BC

External Auditor, BC SAFE Companies Program

External Auditor, Alberta Partners in Injury Reduction

Ph.D. in Sociology, Univerisity of British Columbia (2014)

MA and BA in Criminology, Simon Fraser University (2006, 2004)

Postdoctorate, Core for Neuroethics, University of British Columbia (2014-2016)

Member of Strategic Action Committee (BC SAFE Forestry Program) since 2007

Member of SAFE Companies Advisory Committee (BC Forest Safety Council) since 2010

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