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John Betts



John Betts

John Betts first planted trees as an Ontario Junior Forest Ranger in 1968. He fell in with a tree planting crew on the west coast of British Columbia in the mid-seventies and has been involved in the reforestation sector for most of the last five decades.  He and his wife Anneke live in Queens Bay on Kootenay Lake where they raised their sons Willem and Shawn.

Executive Director, WFCA


Current Location

Central Kootenay, BC

He is the current Executive Director of the Western Forestry Contractors’ Association a position he has held since 1995. He has worked as a west coast logger, a tree planting contractor, a musician, and a news paper reporter. In 2019 he was made an Honorary Member of the Association of BC Forest Professionals for his contribution to forest policy and practice in the province.

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