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Doug MacLeod


One Christmas in my late teens I skied up the singles line of a rickety old tbar at a rinky dink little ski hill and got on next to a fellow who turned out to be a treeplanting contractor. I just turned 66 and still put my boots on and go to the bush most days.

The common thread throughout my career is that I have been affected by a wildfire at least once per year.



Doug MacLeod

1. Planted trees

2. Logged on the coast and in the interior

3. Ran my own silviculture contracting business

4. Took forest technical training

5. Did road and cutblock layout

6. Provided wildfire prevention, preparedness and response training and advice

7. I was a volunteer fire fighter in a small town in the southern interior for 18 years

8. At the start of my career I caught the tail end of the broadcast burning era

9. Most recently have been providing Control Line Location and Equipment Management services to Forest Companies and BC Wildfire Service


Okanagan Valley

Current Location

Vernon BC


BC Wildfire Service Endorsed Wildland Fire Instructor

BC Wildfire Service Fire Warden Boot Camp (5 day)

Incident Command System Level 300

Worksafe BC OFA 3

Certified Power Saw Operator

BC Forest Safety Council/WFCA Resource Road Driving

Office of the Fire Commissioner, BC Structural Fire Fighter Level 1

- JIBC Pumps and Pumping/Emergency Vehicle Operation

- JIBC Fire Service Instructor Level 1

- JIBC Automobile Extrication Level 1

- JIBC Emergency Evacuations

- JIBC Live Fire Level 1

- JIBC – Emergency Scenario Exercise Design

Justice Institute of BC Emergency Operations Center Level 2

Canadian Avalanche Assoc. - Roads and Transportation Avalanche Management & Blasting Level 1

Rescue Canada – Flood Safety Awareness

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