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Bex Taylor


Bex can be found living in her schoolbus with her two dogs and her cats. She is usually somewhere way out in the bush on Vancouver Island, where she spends her time writing, reading, hiking and brushing up on her photography skills. This winter, she wants to really commit to the 'treeplant lifestyle' and learn to ski.


Bex Taylor

8 seasons in camp

7 seasons as a cook


I have worked at a number of companies from Ontario to British Columbia, however, I have found my home at Next Generation Reforestation.


I'm passionate about my career as a camp cook, and am hoping to be more involved in prerogatives specifically for cooks, including mental health, industry standards (wages, hours, expectations) and transparency, and to be able to translate my experience into making the industry a better place.

Head Cook


Manitoulin Island, Ontario

Current Location

Vancouver Island/where the road takes me

Fifteen years of cooking experience at a variety of different levels, from fine dining to catering to camps to pubs.

Site Contributions

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