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I wanted a place on the Cache to highlight the cool work planters, current and retired, get up to.

This directory includes anyone who has worked or is working in silviculture. It serves as a platform for the larger community to learn more about these individuals and support the work they are doing beyond the planting season. I want this directory to showcase how cool tree planters are in what they get up to. I want it to be a platform for recognition and support for those who are doing interesting things.

Organized alphabetically, this list will continue to grow as more people get added.

Claire Thomas (she/her)

Elizabeth Houghton (she/her)

Maddy Clerk (she/her)

Melissa Morrison (she/her)

If you know someone or you are someone who might be interested in joining the list, please reach out to or submit your request through the feedback form. Thanks!


Off the Block Directories: Branching Out Beyond Planting

Planters do such interesting things, but keeping tabs on everyone is a challenge. I am trying to solve that with this directory!

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