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Disclosing and reporting these incidents can be challenging and emotionally draining. The process can often be complicated and overwhelming. Understanding the policies and procedures in place can make the disclosing and reporting process more accessible and less intimidating. 

This infographic intends to help employees understand their company’s Respectful Conduct policy. These policies are often highly detailed and complex. The policy points in the infographic are questions employees can ask if wanting to learn more about the company’s policies around these issues. These questions are also great for employers to explore as they develop policies and training.

The points are intended to dive deeper into the implications of different policy requirements and identify what additional information or considerations may apply when making important decisions.

Well-developed conduct policies will likely cover most of these points in some way. Still, they can be helpful considerations when reviewing policies during an annual process, orientation training, or program evaluation after an incident.


Respectful Conduct Response Flowchart

Understanding what will happen after reporting or disclosing can empower employees to make informed decisions. 

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